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Thailand Overview

Thailand is one of the most sought- after destinations in Southeast Asia, offering an affordable and convenient standard of living. It has a population of 68 million people who are well known for their friendly disposition. It is no wonder, then, that Thailand is often called the ‘The Land of Smiles’.

The country’s attraction include ancient ruins, scuba diving sites, golden beaches, an existing nightlife, Buddhist temples, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital city, Bangkok, known as the ‘City of Angels’, is at the heart of the country and offers an exciting urban lifestyle on a global metropolitan scale.

Thailand has been widely cited as a development success story, moving from a low-income country to a high income country in less than one generation. Besides being rich in agriculture, its industrial production facilities in automobiles, electronics, healthcare, and jewellery are global pioneers.

Key Advantages of Austria

  • Residence in Thailand is possible for a few days; a few months; or an unlimited period within the validity of the chosen package. There is no minimum stay requirement
  • Complimentary VIP services including a dedicated Elite personal assistant for international flights and lounge access, airport transfers, and a 24-hour member contact center which operates in several languages
  • A low-cost, high standard of living

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