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About Australia

Thinking about studying in Australia means literally going to the corner of the world but this place makes it all worthwhile. Particularly living in Sydney will make you fall in love with the beaches and the nature. Starting off with the weather; summer, winter, spring, monsoon, it is all there. The weather in Sydney is bearable because of nothing being that extreme. Summers are refreshing and bright, but you will obviously feel that sweat running down your back. Winters are mostly 14 degrees and below but hardly goes downone, so you will survive. The rain has no season; it rains whenever and wherever so better keep your umbrellas ready.

Why study in Australia

Talking about the universities, some of the top universities in Australia are University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, University of Technology of Sydney, University of Adelaide and Monash University. It again depends on what subject you are aspiring on studying and which University offers that best. For a newcomer, the studies might get a little tough for the first semester because of everything being so new and completely different from Bangladeshi educational system but later you get used to the system and will adjust with it.

Cost of living in Australia

Students stay in Australia on a student Visa so therefore you will have to study full-time. Besides your university life, you can work part-time and casual. Students have allowance of 20 hours per weeks and can apply for jobs whenever they want. It is always hard for the first timers to get a job due to no experience but once you get it you are good to go. The minimum wage is $17-$18/hour with varying rates according to the jobs. Students here work in cafes, supermarkets, retail stores, libraries and the list go on.

Coming down to how expensive Australia is so honestly, it is expensive. The living, the food, activities and tourism are all high end. But if you are earning, you can easily cover all up. Fora student, it depends on what your options are. Considering the university dorms, they should 200-300 AUD a week and living separately in an apartment should be a little cheaper but that again depends on which area do you choose to live and what facilities that area provides you with. Commuting to the respected universities is through the public transport. You will have service to almost all the suburbs in Sydney via trains and buses but sadly the transportation has no concession for the international students. The transportation rates are charged according to your journey via a transport card known as Opal card and if you get lost, there is always google maps and people around you to help.

Australia is a much diversified country, so you will find people from different cultures everywhere. There are many events happening all over Sydney and Melbourne in different times of the year with everybody enjoying. The people here are friendly and helpful. You tend to make new friends in work or in universities. There are locations especially famous for certain cultures. In Sydney for example Harris park is famous for Indians, Guildford park is famous for Middle Eastern people and Rockdale park is famous for Bengalis. However, people follow a routine here so things close at 7-8 sharp. The nightlife is dull but on weekends you can go out partying. The food options are also full of variety. If you are a halal eater then the options narrow down but there is food for you everywhere so don’t worry. Also, McDonalds and Hungry Jacks are 24/7 so you are covered.

Top 10 universities in Australia:

  • 1. Australian National University
  • 2. University of Melbourne
  • 3. University of Sydney
  • 4. University of New South Wales
  • 5. University of Queensland
  • 6. Monash University
  • 7. University of Western Australia
  • 8. University of Adelaide
  • 9. University of Technology
  • 10. University of Newcastle

Top 5 engineering universities in Australia:

  • 1. Australian National University
  • 2. University of Melbourne
  • 3. University of New South Wales
  • 4. University of Queensland
  • 5. University of Sydney

Top 5 medical universities in Australia:

  • 1. University of Sydney
  • 2. University of Melbourne
  • 3. Monash University
  • 4. University of Queensland
  • 5. University of New South Wales

Top 5 business universities in Australia:

  • 1. University of Melbourne
  • 2. University of New South Wales
  • 3. Australian National University
  • 4. La Trobe University
  • 5. Monash University